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 Hello, I’m Chelsea.

I’m 22 years old, from Ontario, Canada. I grew up in an affluent suburb where people weren’t very nice to me, and now I live in the big city (Toronto). I’m currently a fifth-year student at The University of Toronto studying English Literature. I have an adorable cat who I love dearly. I’m also really into dandelions.

Right now, my life is all very up in the air, and I’ve slowly been discovering that writing about it all really helps. This blog is to help me process my thoughts, and to stretch my wings as a writer, if you will (hence the title). It has evolved into a place where I get to write about very real things, like my depression and work as an advocate for mental health awareness.

I’m president of a student group called  Active Minds at UofT that I am very proud of. Active Minds at UofT works to create awareness and a sense of community for mental illness amongst students.

This blog is also on tumblr.

The title comes from my tattoo, which features a bird on my inner forearm, so there literally is always a bird beside me. The bird is my best friend, and our song was called “Beside You” (haha I’m so clever). The blog’s original title, “Bird & Cage”, was already taken when I came to WordPress so I was forced to make a new start! This was the best I could come up with. I’ll probably change it soon enough.

You can also follow me on twitter @chelsearrr

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