And Every Day After That

And Every Day After That

January 22, 2011

I wake up
to hear
‘I love you’,
a tangible reassurance
that you’re safe.
in my life is still upright.
I won’t have to redefine
and see the world differently,
not today.

I cry
for a minute
with relief, then
that although we have cheated
death today
it will come

I used to have an account on, and I recently logged into it again because I’m considering putting the first quarter of the first draft of my novel on there to see what happens. And while I was there I rediscovered the last couple of poems that I wrote, which was clearly quite a while ago. And I expected to hate them, the way I do my high school poetry, but I do not.

So I decided to share them again.

This was written about my ex boyfriend who got really upset with me for a weekend and refused to speak to me, and I was terrified. I was worried that we would break up or that worse, he would hurt himself. Except looking back I realize that this was a completely irrational fear in that situation, and this was actually written about my first ex boyfriend, who self-harmed and left me worrying-but-not-worrying about him indefinitely.

**By the way, I’ve started posting again on my FictionPress account, although whether or not I post the novel remains to be seen. If you’d like to read more of my poetry and fiction, check it out here.**


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