Please Support the Oolagen Charity Ball presented by Active Minds at UofT!

I am the president of a student group at my university called Active Minds at UofT, and we raise awareness for mental health issues.

This year, we are planning our biggest event yet. We want to host a benefit in support of an organization called Oolagen. Oolagen runs a walk-in clinic in downtown Toronto where youth & their families can receive FREE counseling. If any of you are in any way involved in the mental health community, you’ll know how rare that is.

We need to raise money both for Oolagen and in order to be able to host the benefit in the first place. Our university provides very little funding to its student groups so we’re turning to the public for help.

We created an Indiegogo campaign which is live now, where you can get more info, purchase tickets, and donate to the cause. Please check it out at the link below!

If you can’t afford to donate, it also helps if you share the link and explain to your followers what the cause is and why it matters.

Thank you so much ❤



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