To The Men I Know And Have Yet To Meet.

This is a topic I am very bad at writing about myself, but I back this 100%. As I was saying last night, not ALL guys are murderers, or rapists, or what have you, but I do think that all guys are at least a LITTLE bit “like that.” Even if it was just that one time that you did something dumb at a party, or you treated a girl badly because you had your own problems, or you were young, etc. etc. etc. I could be wrong, of course, but I say this because I don’t know a single male human who I haven’t been at least SLIGHTLY mistreated by at least once. And no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but the key is to learn from those mistakes, and I feel like a lot of guys aren’t learning. So if you would like to be “not all men”, prove us wrong, by your actions, not your words.

Sliver of Pye

All I want in life is to be able to talk about misogyny and not have a guy say “but not all guys are like that.”

Obviously not all guys are like that but a lot are like that. I’m not going to start saying “some guys” because I hope that upon hearing some comment about how men treat women you stop yourself and think “do I do that? do any guys I know do that?”

There’s this huge bro culture where guys think they have to stick together and be part of some brotherhood, but all I ask for is that when you see your friend doing something problematic or saying something offensive, to call them out on it. Stick up for your friends that are girls, and your girlfriends, and your mother and sisters, aunts, nieces, cousins, grandmothers. I have been called too sensitive (or too naive, idealistic…

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